Starseed is a proposed method of launching interstellar nanoprobes at one-third light speed suggested by Forrest Bishop.

The launcher uses a 1,000 kilometer long thin small diameter hollow wire, and uses electrodes lining the hollow wire as an electrostatic accellerator tube, similar to K. Eric Drexler's ideas. The launcher is designed to accellerate its probes to 1/3 the speed of light, about 100,000 kilometers per second, at something on the order of 100 million gravities of accelleration.

Keeping the launch tube straight enough to avoid the probe hitting the tube walls is a major challenge. The launcher would have to be set up in deep space, well away from any planets, to avoid gravitational tidal effects bending the tube too much.

The Starseed Probes are proposed to be extremely small (roughly one microgram) nanomachines and nanocomputers. The launch energy per probe is low due to the low mass, and many nanoprobes would be launched in sequence and rendezvous in flight.

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